Alyson’s favourite quote:

“Your audacious hope will take you places you’ve never imagined.”

– Sylvia Ruegger

Alyson Schmidt

Associate Wealth Advisor

People often get overwhelmed when they see a big challenge in front of them, they start to think, “I could never do that.” As an Ironman athlete, I know that it’s critical to both focus on the finish line and the plan to get across it. It’s both the check-in points and adaptations to accommodate for what’s happening in the moment that is crucial to achieving the outcomes you desire. Achieving our client’s financial goals follows the same approach.

 It was not my original career plan to join what’s now become our family business. My first dream as a little girl was to be in the NBA. When the news broke that girls can’t play in the NBA, I decided I wanted to run the NBA. It was this dream that lead me to Brock University in St Catherines, Ontario where I completed a Bachelor of Sport Management degree while playing varsity basketball.

I first cut my teeth in the sports industry at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, not knowing at the time what an incredible career setting opportunity it would be. For the years to follow, I thrived in a variety of roles in both Toronto and Vancouver with Coca -Cola, Nike, the TwentyTen Group, and Mountain Equipment Co-Op.

What inspired me to shift my career focus and move back to my hometown to join my father, Ron, in this business was witnessing the positive impact he has had on people’s lives and the fulfillment that comes from being a trusted partner and advisor to multi generations of client families.

Today, I wear many hats on the Schmidt & Associates team. I am involved in all client relationships and work closely with our clients on the various aspects of wealth management delivery. My competitive nature and desire to learn drives me to stay ahead of the game and I’m always learning ways to innovate, to improve our systems and find the best path forward for our company and our clients. I am both securities and insurance licensed and am currently working towards my Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation.

When I’m not at work, you’ll find me outside. I’m a runner, a cyclist, a skier, a paddleboarder, a “work in progress” golfer, all of the things you’d expect someone who grew up on the coast of Vancouver Island to be into.  When not out sporting, you’ll find me camping, cooking, crafting and adventuring with my friends and family.

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