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Financial Strategies

This is where our work begins. We believe in a planning first approach, regardless of the stage of life you are in. We work in partnership with you to gather, refine and analyze your personal situation to build a financial strategy that will put you and your family at ease. Committed to continuous improvement, we’re always evolving our financial technology and leveraging our network of specialists within Assante when needed, to efficiently create your personalized strategy to suit your needs and lifestyle. Our proven process reviews and refines your financial strategy every 3-5 years to ensure you stay on course, can adapt to changing life events and have peace of mind knowing your financial affairs are in order and well taken care of.

Legacy & Estate Planning

Planning your legacy in a way that ensures our clients have a functional estate plan is an area of our business that is given particular care and attention. Whether its preparing to work with your lawyer on your will or power of attorney, navigating inheritance within blended families, exploring strategies to decrease your final tax liability or ensuring a gift is left to your favorite charity, we work hand in hand with you to simplify the process of building and managing family wealth. We understand the value you place on the peace of mind you get in knowing that when you need us, it will just take one call to our office and our team will be there, ensuring your family and plans are well taken care of.

Investment Management

Our long-term focused investment philosophy, rooted in quality and discipline, has exceeded the goals and expectations of hundreds of our clients over the past three decades. In today’s complex investment landscape, prudence and experience continue to be most important when it comes to making sound decisions. The evolution of our industry and the growth of technology has made individual stock selection a thing of the past and we strongly believe in the philosophy of managed money to help our clients meet their long-term goals. Through the use of managed money programs run by the team of world class professionals at CI Multi Asset Management, our clients’ portfolios are efficient and effectively managed with asset mixture selection, automatic rebalancing, currency hedging and robust levels of oversight that you will not find at your bank.

Risk Management

Too often forgotten or misunderstood, the risk management component of a financial strategy is about planning for unexpected life events. As a licensed broker through Assante Estate and Insurance Services, we pair a thorough risk assessment process with solutions from leading insurance carriers to set you and your family up with a risk management plan for all stages of life. We get excited about solving problems identified in our client’s financial strategies through the use of risk management solutions.

Who We Work With


In their prime and legacy planning.

Ways we can help:
  • Investing for long-term asset protection and growth
  • Retirement income planning
  • Downsizing
  • Navigating the financial realities of losing a spouse
  • Estate and legacy planning

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Families Building Wealth

Working hard to grow the retirement nest egg.

Ways we can help:
  • Cash flow planning
  • Saving for children’s education
  • Family-focused risk management
  • Investing for long term growth
  • Tax-efficient savings strategies
  • Pension and benefit optimization
  • Asset division through marital breakdown

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Professionals & Business Owners

Ready for next stage planning.

Ways we can help:
  • Corporate investment planning
  • Tax-efficient income planning
  • Business acquisition and sale
  • Succession planning
  • Estate and legacy planning
  • Individual and corporate risk management

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Words from our Clients

We work with some really great clients and are equally thrilled and humbled by their feedback. See more client testimonials.

We have had the pleasure of dealing with Ron and the Schmidt & Associates team for close to 20 years. Ron advises my husband and I, as well as, two other generations of our family and several siblings. His team’s substantial in-house knowledge is increased with access to Assante’s impressive group of tax, estate and insurance specialists Ron’s expertise, efficiency and passion for his business and clients has made an invaluable impact on our entire family’s growth, preservation and transfer of wealth.

Dave and Jane – Clients since 1999

“Ron has kept our strategies in line with our family’s changing needs.”

Al and Lisa – Clients Since 1996

“I have been guided, protected and informed by Ron’s attention to detail and strategic approach.”

Lisa – Client Since 2015

Almost 20 years ago, we realized we were so busy running our business that we could not properly look after our own investments. Our accountant suggested we see Ron Schmidt at Assante and the rest is history. We continue to meet with Ron and/or the team often and always feel we are being heard and understood. We never feel rushed and can take as long as we need to discuss suggested changes or adjustments to our current scenario. They take great care in looking after us and we would not hesitate to recommend Schmidt & Associates to anyone we know.

C. and H. – Clients since 2001

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